hello, we're SBLOB
…and that is pronounced as SBLOB in one go just like how we want people to find and interact with social content… in one go. Click here to listen to how it is pronounced.
We started our first offering in 2017 as we were unhappy with tracking content across platforms and realised that others must feel the same way. We bootstrapped to launch the alpha version of our social wall service and today, everyone can make a social wall page for free and customize it with any feeds from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and Mixcloud. Discover profiles on SBLOB. By viewing all their feeds in 1 go, we have seen the creative community close the conversation gaps between social networks they used, to better promote their work. We still have a few more things we want to fix so watch this space.
We also believe in living your passion and sharing what you have learnt along the way so that you can empower others. This is why we launched SPOTLIGHT where we share journeys taken by others who are much further along the path to inspire others who are thinking of starting or want to challenge themselves further. Check out our interviews with DJs, singers, classical pianist, game developers, animators… Trust us when we say we have spoken to many people to get to know what makes them tick, how they got to where they are and what they need to propel them further.
Say hi at [email protected]